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Sunday, 22 March 2015

#4 - The blogger returns

It's again been a while (around three years) hasn't it?

Frankly, there's no reason for me to continue, no one reads my blog, I have 181 page views since this blog was created, 90 percent of that was probably me checking the blog, though for some reason, the stats show that a few Americans and I kid you not, a few Russians visited the page!

But, like Rocky Balboa after round 6 of any boxing match, I ain't giving up..

Besides, I like writing, so boo-freaking-hoo, this blog now stands restored...and to all my fans in Russia and US, I promise to be more regular, at least one post a month.

My next post isn't going to be something fresh though, I had typed it out on my blackberry sometime last year, I had meant to post it here, but better late than never right?

So that's me signing off for now, slightly older and significantly more irrelevant.

Yo adrian, we did it!

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