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Thursday 9 June 2011


As the title says, this blog is going to comprise of mostly useless ramblings about useless topics that mostly noone is going to be interested in.

Possible topics can vary from the pink spot on my monitor (where did it come from? will it go away? is there a reason for me to worry?) to my exciting breakfast (ever wondered how Maggi tastes in tea?).

And to prove my point, this is going to be my first post...I don't know when I will write next, or what I will write about...but yes, write I shall.

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  1. i want to contribute to this blog as well....but i would not tolerate small talks being undermined by any other forums that may be established by any other member....P.S best way to get gng is to post this blog address as your status msg and keep repeating it from time to time.....