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Monday 20 June 2011


Public demand brings me back (see one comment to my earlier post).
I scratched my head and other parts, trying to think of something to write about.
Cricket, naaah....recent events, naah (the last time I read a newspaper was on 26th September, 2010, and that was the horoscope section), so here I am, writing about......umm...


It all started with Superman (and sequels), then it was Batman, then He-Man, then Phantom, then Spiderman, then Blade, then Catwoman, then Batman again, oh and I almost forgot about X-Men, Superman (again), Thor, Fantastic 4, Hulk, Ironman etc. etc. etc.

The latest marvel from Marvel Comics just hit the screen - The Green Lantern, to ho-hum response from critics.

I didn't think it was terrible, but it wasn't a Christopher Nolan either. Let's face it, you can only show so much in a superhero movie, especially when its an origin story, first there's a guy, either he is a loser, or he is sore, or he is a sore loser. In any case, in all likelihood, he isn't happy with his life.

Then comes the agent, he becomes a superhero, either by his own conscious will, or he is forced to become one. Fifteen minutes of screen time is generally devoted to this, where the soon-to-be-superhero learns the magnitude of his powers and how to use it. For reasons best known to the directors, there are comical interludes in this portion ("GO web", "Power up" etc.) and I have time and again heard fellow viewers laugh at this point of time in the movie, could be due to the antics of the hero, or by habit, or simply because the guy next to him is laughing.

Next comes the enemy, the nemesis, or as we say in Bollywood and Comicworld, THE VILLAIN (my ex-roommate's nickname was Villain, an irrelevant fact, but someday the story will be revealed by me). The Villain brings a purpose to the hero, is pure evil, and in most cases, more of a treat to watch (the joker anyone?). The confrontation invariably follows, and herein lies the treat to the moviegoers. Whether a movie will work or not, often depends upon the screentime devoted to the confrontation. In some cases, in order to increase the confrontation bits, there are multiple villains. It worked in IRONMAN, it didn't in SPIDERMAN 3, and I don't know the plot of Krrish 2 (aka Koi Mil Gaya 3) yet.

Oh, I almost forgot, the Superhero must have an weakness, it could be a particular molecule, exposure or lack of exposure to rays of the sun, the fact that he must protect his identity, his family members, or simply.....women.

Dear Reader(s), you must understand that while your enjoyment is my priority, there are limits to my (a) time (b) creativity and (c) electricity bill. Therefore, this post will be finished at a later time. We will call it the sequel.

Till then....


  1. Haha.. bulls eye on the recipe to make a SUPERHERO movies. namak (may be in the form of action, romance or even hot steamy scenes)can be put swad anusar. One thing i always wonder is while a superhero is in making at the same time a villain is also in the making. its like every action has equal and opposite reaction. this villain will become super-villain no later or earlier before our protector friends come into existence. Is it a mere co-incidence or a scheme for glory!! Anand Nair

  2. with such comments from such celebrities your blog isnt going too far from here kaka....

  3. oh! kick below the belt it is!! the blog owner should act on such envious schemers or lose followers.

  4. People people people...
    There are two kinds of comments that are going to be allowed in this blog.

    1. Specifically relating to the blog
    2. Specifically praising me

    Suvojit: Request you to adhere to the above or face subsequent action by PDB/JPA etc.